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We specialize in building fully customized online web and app-based platforms. From simple landing pages to complex registration platforms, we collaborate with you to deliver on your unique requirements.

Your success is our ambition.

Our success-driven approach ensures your technology development empowers you to do what you do best. We do this by thinking differently, sharing innovative ideas, and offering a unique and collaborative space for you to succeed.

What sets us apart is not what we do, but how we do it.

Recent Works

We Offer Digital Solutions

Web Platform Development

Meshed Media

Meshed Media is designed with you in mind - the ultimate media platform for content creators and their communities. Less restrictive. More inclusive. Instantly monetizing your content has never been easier. Content creators get paid through our ground breaking Profit-Sharing Program: The Meshed Media Membership funds get pooled and distributed amongst every single video a viewer watches. That means your content gets directly supported from every member of our community through every single view.

Website development

Helium Scribe

Helium Scribe work closely with you to understand the bread and butter of your business. In the writer's room, our all-in approach ensures that we imaginatively capture the innovation and originality of your project. The end result is quality written content that enables you to imagine new heights and move forward with your venture.

Advanced Website Development

The Bridge
Youth & Family

The Bridge embraces the Okanagan community with two distinct arms of service. Since inception, we have focused on community and families by working preventatively with new parents and their infants, counselling families who are struggling with their role, and working on behalf of the Ministry of Children and Family Development with young people in our community who are the most marginalized, street entrenched and disenfranchised.

Our Pricing

We Provide Budget Friendly Solutions

Landing Page

*Price in CAD
& Up

  • Custom & Responsive Web Design
  • Basic SEO
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Single Page
  • Contact Form

Basic Website

*Price in CAD
& Up

  • Custom & Responsive Web Design
  • Basic SEO
  • Contact Form
  • 3-5 Pages
  • Blog Integration
  • Photo Gallery
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation
  • Communications Services Manager (CSM) Integration

Corporate & Advanced Website

*Price in CAD
& Up

  • Custom & Responsive Web Design
  • Basic SEO
  • Contact Form
  • 10-25+ Pages
  • Blog Integration
  • Photo Gallery
  • Site Security & Support
  • Platform Components Integration: Registration System, Forms, Payment, Scheduling, etc.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation
  • Communications Services Manager (CSM) Integration
Brook Phillips

I didn't have half the confidence or the knowledge needed to succeed in business until I teamed with CW Digital Services. They pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped to keep me focused and on track with my vision. Thanks to CW Digital Services my business goals are realistic and I couldn't of done it without them.

Brook Phillips, Founder - ADRENILAND
Christopher Jones

I can not say enough about the CW Digital Services team. I have used their business coaching and web development services and now I am listed on their EasyVC platform. I am very grateful for everything they have done for me and I look forward to a continued relationship.

Christopher Jones, Founder - LETSCREATE

CW Digital Services and their services with CanStart have been amazing support for my growing Start-up. The website they developed for Helium Scribe is better than what I could have imagined and the business coaching from Alexandre Campagna has taken my business skills to the next level. Thank you to Alexandre and the CW Digital Services team!

Brennan Davis

CW Digital Services is an integral part of the MyTruckr team. They built an amazing platform and provided guidance throughout my entrepreneurial journey. I'd like to thank the CW Digital Services team for their tremendous support. MyTruckr will be working with you for years to come!

Brennan Davis, Founder/CEO - MYTRUCKR

The team at CW Digital Services has been absolutely vital in helping me take my business from a concept to reality. The mobile application the team has been able to create has exceeded my expectations. As a young founder I can confidently say that the coaching I have received from Alexandre Campagna has been crucial in providing me with the right business skills to take my company to the next level.


CW Digital Services was chosen to overlook the development of our tech. They have very talented developers and has built us an incredible tech team that are ahead of development schedule giving us extra time for testing prior to our platform launch. CW Digital Services team is incredibly knowledgeable and are truly making a difference in the start up world, my start up would not be where it is today without them.

Colton, Founder - MeshedMedia

I've seen changes in all aspects of my business since hiring CW Digital Services. Their pricing is reasonable compared to other companies I've looked into, and the customer service makes me feel taken care of. Using CW Digital Services was one of the best decisions I've made for my business. Highly recommend!

Akary, Founder - CoreTech