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Meshed Media

Meshed Media is designed with you in mind - the ultimate media platform for content creators and their communities. Less restrictive. More inclusive. Instantly monetizing your content has never been easier. Content creators get paid through our ground breaking Profit-Sharing Program: The Meshed Media Membership funds get pooled and distributed amongst every single video a viewer watches. That means your content gets directly supported from every member of our community through every single view.

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Helium Scribe

Helium Scribe work closely with you to understand the bread and butter of your business. In the writer's room, our all-in approach ensures that we imaginatively capture the innovation and originality of your project. The end result is quality written content that enables you to imagine new heights and move forward with your venture.

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The Bridge
Youth & Family

The Bridge embraces the Okanagan community with two distinct arms of service. Since inception, we have focused on community and families by working preventatively with new parents and their infants, counselling families who are struggling with their role, and working on behalf of the Ministry of Children and Family Development with young people in our community who are the most marginalized, street entrenched and disenfranchised.